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Resident labour market test

Employers have to advertise certain jobs for a set time initially to see if a UK or EEA national fulfills requirements before advertising elsewhere. Find out more about this process.


What is the resident labour market test?

An employer is required to advertise certain jobs initially for a set time to see if the job can be filled by a UK or EEA national, before the job can be offered to someone from outside the EEA, in order to comply with their sponsorship licence rules.

This initial advertising of the job is called the resident labour market test (RLMT).

However there are certain situations when a job is exempt from RLMT.


What are the exemptions ?

  • The job is on the shortage occupation list
  • You are a non-UK or non-EEA national, you graduated from a UK medical or dental school, and you currently have a Tier 4 (General) student visa to work in the Foundation Programme. In this case, you will need to apply for Tier 2 sponsorship, but you will be exempt from the RLMT if you have had continuous immigration status in the UK since you graduated
  • You are already on Tier 2 (General) and will be applying to continue training with the same sponsor or with the same sponsor or with the same NHS training number, which is the number you get when you start specialty training 

Please note that doctors on Tier 2 (general) visas who are working in non-training posts, will not be exempt from the RLMT if they apply for specialty training jobs.


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