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Points criteria for visa

Points criteria are also known as attributes and relate to Tier 1,2,4 and 5 visas. Find out how the system works.


What are the points criteria for a tier 2 visa?

Points criteria are also known as attributes. Find out what they consist of below:

  • You need to have the appropriate qualifications.
  • You will need to meet the requirements in the Code of Practice for doctors which is set by the Home Office. However there are special rules if you graduated from a UK medical school. Check their Code of Practice
  • You need to have an offer of a skilled job from a licensed sponsor and be paid at least £30,000 a year a or above the applicable Occupational Code of Practice, whichever is higher from 6 April 2017.
  • The current minimum salary for people applying for settlement is £35,500. However, you will need to be earning the appropriate salary depending on your grade as set out in Appendix J of the Immigration rules: codes of practice for skilled work published by the UK government. The occupational code for Medical Practitioners is 2211.
  • You need proof that you can maintain yourself and any family members who are staying in the UK with you. You will need to show you have funds in the bank of £945. This is to prove you can support yourself and you must have had this in your bank account for 90 days before you apply.
  • You will need to show an additional £630 for each of your dependants and you must also have had this in your bank account for 90 days before you apply.
  • You need to meet the English language rules
    Check the rules
  • Find more information about Tier 2 visas from the Home Office
    Check the Home Office website

Please note: If you do not meet one of these criteria and still apply for a Tier 2 (General) visa, your application will be unsuccessful and you will lose your application fee.


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