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BMA Immigration Advice Service

If you are a BMA member, you are entitled to access our Immigration advice service which provides free, basic immigration advice in connection with your employment and/or study in the UK.*

Contact one of our advisers on 0300 123 1233

Alternatively you can email us

What we can offer advice on

Initial free advice covers:

  • Advice on applications for leave to enter or remain in the UK that are within the immigration rules
  • Diagnosis of the member's need for specific immigration advice
  • Provision of one-off advice


What we can't we offer advice on

  • Asylum
  • Refusal of leave to enter or remain
  • Deportation
  • Illegal entry
  • Overstaying
  • Nationality


Who provides the advice?

We have teamed up with an external third party specialist law firm to provide the Immigration advice service. You can rest assured your query will be dealt with not only by qualified immigration lawyers but by people who understand doctors.


Top common questions

Here are a few of the most common immigration and visa queries that our advisers can help answer:

  • I am studying at a UK medical school on a Tier 4 visa. Do I need to change my visa when I graduate from medical school and start the Foundation Programme?
  • I am an international graduate of a UK medical school, what visa do I require when my Tier 4 (student) visa expires?
  • How long do I need to wait before I can apply to become a British Citizen, I have had indefinite leave to remain for 7 months?
  • I have a Tier 2 (general) visa and want to change employer, do I need to get a new visa and what restrictions would be in place? 


Do you have questions about how the EU referendum affects your position in the UK?

Read these factsheets

EEA citizens - Applying for UK citizenship

EEA citizens - Should I apply for a document certifying my status?

EEA nationals - Applying for permanent residence

Did you know in addition to running the free Immigration Advisory Service for our members, our partner law firm can provide help and support in drawing up and submitting applications (such as a Permanent Residence Card Application) at discounted rates?

Call on 0300 123 2014 for more information.


Do you have a complex immigration enquiry?

If the advice being sought is more complex than that covered by the basic advice service included within your membership don’t panic.

In addition to providing the included Immigration advice service, we can also provide you with more detailed legal support on complex issues at discounted rates.

So whether your query is simple or complex, contact us and we’ll get a lawyer or adviser to contact you to help.


How to contact us if you are a member

Please send an email marked Immigration advice service in the subject box or phone 0300 123 1233.

If you contact the service by phone you may be asked to send your query in by email in addition. This is because immigration and visa queries can be complex in which case it is easier if all the information is captured by email so that our advisers can then refer to it during your call.


Other help

We have a free-to-members email service which alerts you of important, relevant immigration changes.

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* Please note - advice cannot be given on immigration matters which pre-date BMA membership.