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Guidance for dispensing doctors and community pharmacists

Increase for NHS prescription charges - 1 April 2018

The Department of Health in England announced on 28 February 2018 that the charge for a single prescription will increase by 20p from £8.60 to £8.80 for each medicine or appliance dispensed. This increase will come into effect on 1 April 2018.

The BMA believes it would be best to abolish prescription charges in England - they have already been abolished in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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Community pharmacies and the pharmaceutical industry

The community pharmacy and the GP practice

This guide covers key areas such as funding arrangements, impact of prescribing policies, and clinical and administrative functions, and will assist in developing more effective working relationships and in turn, improve primary care services for patients.

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Guidance for the implementation of repeat dispensing

This guidance explains what repeat dispensing is, how suitable patients might be identified and the potential benefits. It also gives the tops ten tips for successful implementation, as suggested by GPs, practice managers and pharmacists.

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Prescription direction - maintaining good practice

A joint statement from the BMA, Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee and Pharmacy Voice on prescription direction which illustrates activities to avoid in order to maintain good practice.

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Community pharmacy advanced services - Medicines Use Reviews and the New Medicine Service

This briefing has been written to provide information for GP practices about advanced services provided by community pharmacies in England under the NHS structures implemented in April 2013. This guidance has been developed jointly by the General Practitioners Committee, the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) and NHS Employers.

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Improving communication between community pharmacy and general practice

A workbook produced jointly by the BMA and National Pharmacy Association which describes various community pharmacy-GP interactions, and highlights some principles of good practice. The intention is that pharmacists and GPs work through this book together to identify local challenges and formulate solutions.

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Best practice for ensuring the efficient supply of medicines to patients

This joint guidance on managing the supply chain of medicines is relevant to prescribers, dispensing doctors, pharmacists, manufacturers and wholesalers.

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Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries (ABPI) code of practice

A key change to the ABPI Code of Practice came into effect in 2012. Pharmaceutical companies now have to declare total amounts paid to health professionals for services such as speaker fees and participation in advisory boards.

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