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How to register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent health and adult social care regulator for England.

All primary medical services providers are required to be registered with the CQC.

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How to register

Our guidance provides a straightforward explanation to help you determine whether you are compliant with the CQC's essential standards.

Appendix B has template documents to help practices ensure protocols and policies are in place.

CQC registration - what you need to know

CQC registration appendix B - policies and protocols (PDF) (PDF)


Registering for the first time

The CQC has an online facility for you to manage your application and to get further details

Visit the CQC website


New registration and registration variation forms

The CQC has introduced new registration application and registration variation forms for providers. The new forms have been developed to take account of the changes to regulations from 1 April, including the introduction of the fundamental standards.

This change will affect all health and social care providers, including those GP providers who use online services. Around two-thirds of GP providers currently use online services to apply to make changes to their registration.

Applications received on old versions of the forms from 16 April onwards will automatically be rejected.

The CQC has published a news article on its website, explaining the phased process by which they will begin accepting the new forms and stop accepting the old versions.

Visit the CQC website to read the:


Consent to contact your GP

Both the registered provider application form (section 2.7), and registered manager application form (section 1.12) asks applicants if they will give permission for CQC to contact their doctor or their doctor’s surgery (applicants have to select ‘yes’ or ‘no’). The applicant’s GP name and contact details must be provided in the application form.

It should be noted that providing permission for CQC to contact an applicant’s GP or their GP’s surgery does not grant it permission to access the applicant’s personal medical record. CQC advise that they will not routinely contact an applicant’s GP, but they do ask for permission to do so in relation to the application if they feel this is necessary.

If you do not grant permission CQC may contact you about this. All applicants should consider carefully whether it is appropriate to give CQC such permission – unless there are exceptional circumstances, it should not be necessary to do so.