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Avon LMC workload survey

Secondary to primary care workload shift case study

Avon LMC carried out a survey of its practices over a four week period in November 2015 in an attempt to measure the flow of unresourced work being passed from secondary care into primary care.

The LMC invited every practice to collect and send in each and every example they came across where work had been inappropriately shifted to them by secondary care in their view. 72% of practices responded. In the four week period, the LMC received 3267 such examples.

The data can be viewed below. It is based on an estimate that every piece of activity passed back to General Practice from Secondary Care costs 10 minutes of GP time, aside from application for exceptional funding, which was estimated at 30 minutes of doctor time. No account was taken of extra nurse or administration time in this study.

A number of things became clear from the Avon LMC study:

  1. A very significant amount of doctor time is being used up by the ongoing problem of unresourced work being shifted back into General Practice from Secondary Care.
  2. A very significant amount of money is being paid to secondary care for work that is actually funded through tariff costs but is being carried out on their behalf in the community.
  3. The figures are likely to be an underestimate of the total problem. Many practices admitted that in the four week window they came across many other examples of work-shift but were simply too busy to send them to the LMC.

See the survey results


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