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Welcome to Quality first - an interactive web portal providing you with practical support to manage your daily work and examples of different ways of working under pressure and at scale.

On these pages you will find guidance, resources, case studies and more, to support your day to day working.

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Manage inappropriate workload

Accepting inappropriate work from elsewhere risks undermining the quality of care for your patients. Practices which act to reduce this work must ensure that measures are in place to ensure patient safety.

GP networks, federations and clusters

Guidance on establishing or joining a GP network or federation. We also have guidance on:

smart devices

Collaboration and working at scale

Consider different ways of using staff to manage workload, as well as collaborate with other organisations and community pharmacies.

New technology

Implement a number of systems to help with patient booking, reducing the large volume of paperwork for repeat prescriptions and easing staff workload.


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Patient empowerment

Work in partnership with patients to empower them to take more control over their own health, and to make informed decisions about which services they should access when needed.

Assess and negotiate your workload

Take a survey, assess your workload, reduce bureaucracy and negotiate appropriate resources.


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Do you have an example where you've implemented a positive change in your surgery? Tell us how you've taken on new initiatives to manage workload.

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