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Guide to GP premises NHSPS leases

A template lease has now been negotiated between NHS Property Services and the BMA.

The aim of the lease is to encourage GP practices working within an NHS PS property to enter informed discussions with local managers with a view to agreeing the terms of their lease. It is hoped that the existence of a written lease will create a more stable and business-like environment for both parties, which in turn will contribute to the stability of future patient care.

The template contains provisions that we believe are fair but more importantly necessary for the protection and indeed development of GP practices. These provisions, allied to short-term commitments offered by NHS England, should allow a more rapid transformation through local agreements. We have also agreed to continue to formally review the difficult issue of service charges through a national advisory panel.

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Understanding a core interrelationship

Use this visual diagram to help you understand the crucial link that the new template recognises as between a practices' core NHS contract, their ability to seek reimbursement and the lease itself.

Infographic on the NHSPS GP practice template lease


NHS PS template premises lease

A new, balanced agreement has been negotiated, which assists in not only mitigating some of the core concerns facing GP tenants occupying NHS PS premises but addressing some of the core issues within an original template that was being circulated in 2014.

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At a glance - NHS PS template premises lease

Get an overview of the essential things you need to know, including the time limits applying to certain commitments such as stamp duty land tax, and the practical actions you need to take when it comes to your NHS PS premises lease.

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8 step guide - back to basics on premises leases

Understanding complex legal documents can be a test on your time and focus, and leases are no exception. Our back-to-basics 8 step guide will help you get to grips with them, including how they interact with your core contract and reimbursement.

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Did you know?

BMA Law assisted GPC in the negotiation of the new template lease. As a consequence, if you are looking for expert legal advice or support to mould the template lease to suit your needs and unlock the commitments offered, they're well-placed to assist.

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