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Fees for tribunal appointments

The following fees are paid to doctors appointed as medical members sitting on a number of different tribunals.

Effective from 1 April 2015


First-tier tribunal health, education and social care chamber

Primary health lists
(formerly Family Health Services Appeal Authority)
 Medical members  £345


Mental health review tribunals

Mental Health Review Tribunals (MHRTs) determine whether patients detained under the Mental Health Act may be discharged or whether they should continue to be detained.

Tribunals consist of legal, medical and lay members appointed by the Lord Chancellor.

Medical members conduct a medical examination in every case for which a fee is paid, and travel and subsistence is also paid and induction training provided.

A unique feature of this tribunal is that the minimum sitting days (15) carry a guaranteed fee.

Mental health review tribunals
Medical member  £469


First-tier tribunal social entitlement chamber

Criminal injuries compensation
Medical member £403.00
Social security and child support
Medical member
(if medical examination required)
(if no medical examination required) £319.00

Note: Once a medical member has sat for more than 20 days in any one financial year, their feel will be £375 for all subsequent sittings during that year.


War pensions and Armed Forces Compensation chamber

War Pensions and Armed Forces Compensation Chambers (previously known as Pensions Appeal Tribunals) are established to hear war pension appeals.

Entitlement appeal tribunals hear appeals against the Secretary of State decision not to grant a war pension, and assessment appeal tribunals hear appeals against the Secretary of State's decision on how much someone has been disabled by an illness or injury.

The entitlement court consists of a lawyer, a doctor and a former member of the armed forces, whereas the assessment court has two medical members, the chairman and a former member of the armed forces.


First-tier tribunal War pensions and Armed forces compensation chamber

War pensions and armed forces compensation
(previously Pensions appeal tribunal)
Medical member £469.00


Other tribunals

Gender recognition panel
Medical member £383.00
Pensions appeal tribunal (Northern Ireland)
Medical member £469.00

For all current fees for medical members appointed to tribunals please see the Judicial Salaries and fees schedules listed on the Government's website.