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Legal aid and expert witness fees

Despite consultation with the BMA and other stakeholders, the Government has reduced by 20% the fees payable to most experts in civil, family and criminal proceedings which are funded under Legal Aid.

The only exceptions are Neurologists, Neuroradiologists and Neonatologists in clinical negligence (cerebral palsy) cases, where the higher rates recently set out in guidance to the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) will be codified.


Please note

The rates in the amended Remuneration Regulations will apply to all work undertaken by experts in all civil, family and crime work with a case start date or representation order date of on or after 2nd December 2013.


Find out more about the adjusted fees for medical expert witnesses from a variety of specialties alongside additional guidance.


The Legal Aid Agency (LAA) has also produced a number of online training modules concerning the reforms, which are available from the Justice training portal.  The modules on Civil Fees and Crime Fees each contain further details of the changes in expert rates.

Go to the training homepage, use the civil and crime tabs and then choose Transforming Legal Aid.