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Fees for training first aiders

The fees below apply to courses for commercial companies.

Allowance Fee
Mileage 56.4 pence per mile 
Lecture on first aid to commercial companies at the behest of the voluntary aid society, of one hour's duration £177.50
Examination (per hour) £177.50

The BMA agrees the fees set out in this section with the Tripartite Committee for the Voluntary Aid Societies. They are revised on an annual basis in line with remuneration for general practitioners.

The rates are normally paid by commercial organisations which are required to offer courses under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. These are organised by the British Red Cross Society, the St John Ambulance Association and St Andrew’s Ambulance Association.

Where a doctor wishes to donate part or all of the fee to the voluntary aid society organising the course, it is important to ensure that the fee is still charged to the commercial company and that the doctor avoids any tax liability.

Where the medical practitioner chooses to waive the fee in whole or in part, care should be taken to avoid payment of tax on sums donated to a registered charity, eg by entering into a covenant.

In the case of lectures or examinations that the societies run for their own members or for the general public, practitioners are at liberty to arrange scales of remuneration not amounting to the full approved sums. The societies acknowledge their great indebtedness to the many members of the profession who follow this practice already and waive their fees.