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Collaborative arrangements

What are collaborative arrangements?

The term refers to work that doctors can undertake on behalf of local authorities in the fields of education, social services and public health.

This can include family planning, psychiatric work, reports for adoption, fostering, children in care and priority housing, Community service certificates for offenders who fail to attend, visiting medical officers to local authority-maintained establishments, and attendance at case conference arranged by social services.

What are the fees?

Except for family planning, no other collaborative arrangement work is agreed nationally.

Services provided under the 'collaborative arrangements' should be decided at a local level dependent upon the individual needs of an area. For example, it would be a matter for local decision whether attendance at multi-agency risk panels or reports for local authority housing associations, were included within the 'collaborative arrangements' and is therefore chargeable work.

See additional safeguarding reports advice

Doctors are advised to set and agree their own fees for this work.

However, basic health information provided by GPs for community care purposes does not attract a fee. Any community care work that goes beyond the provision of basic health data does, however, does attract a fee.

Funding of collaborative arrangements

Area Teams, pending the development of more consistent future arrangements, have been told to maintain any arrangements for collaborative fees that were previously managed by PCTs.

Where it is clear that PCT funding for collaborative arrangements was included in CCGs' budgets it will be for CCGs to manage the payments, but otherwise this is a matter for Area Teams pending the development of a longer term solution.

Where local authorities have previously made direct arrangements for collaborative fees (rather than going through PCTs), these arrangements should continue.

GP practices and Local Medical Committees may wish to contact their Area Team for clarification of arrangements within their local area.

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