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Everyday Medical Ethics and Law

Picture this ....

  • A senior police officer is asking for details of all patients on a certain drug. Perhaps in connection with a serious crime or an unidentified corpse, but the facts are vague. What do you think? Is patient confidentiality trumped by serious crime?
  • You're new in your area and would like to meet people so surely going to a local barbecue is no problem? But what about the Facebook friend request you have had from one of the organisers who also happens to be a patient?
  • And what about the patient with fractured ribs who has a habit of falling down the stairs but won't let you tell the police about that or the cigarette burns on her arms? Her children don't look too good either - what should you do?

Common enough questions but the answers may not always be obvious.

Everyday Medical Ethics and Law pulls out the practical advice on everyday ethical dilemmas found in the BMA's more extensive ethics handbook, and presents it as a handy reference guide in paperback format.

It summarises best practice standards, legal benchmarks and advice from expert organisations on areas such as the doctor-patient relationship, consent, capacity, confidentiality and the management of health records.

Each chapter sets out 10 'need to know' points on a topic, before outlining the situations in which it might crop up in real life and why doctors need to understand them.


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