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Introduction to the consent tool kit

Our tool kit prompts you when you need to seek consent by giving answers to commonly asked questions. Its 13 cards cover specific areas of consent such as providing treatment to children, consent and research and obtaining consent for teaching purposes.

There are also cards to help you when assessing competence and determining 'best interests'.

The tool kit does not aim to be definitive guidance on all issues surrounding consent and it points you to useful guidance from other bodies such as the GMC and the medical defence bodies that you should use with the cards.

You can use each card alone, although there are some areas of overlap. Cards 1, 2 and 3 are relevant to all doctors.

You may want to look at the specific advice which many of the Royal Colleges produce for their members. 

We want the tool kit to raise your awareness about the ethical and legal principles that apply, to dispel common misconceptions surrounding consent and to help you obtain valid consent from your patients.

We hope you (and NHS trusts, medical schools and other relevant bodies) will adapt the format of the tool kit to suit your own requirements. There are no copyright restrictions on the tool kit so please feel free to make multiple copies.


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Consent tool kit - full version (PDF)