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1. Guidance on seeking informed consent


Abbreviation on other cards used

Research: The Role and ‘Research’ Responsibilities of Doctors, General Medical Council (2002) 'Research'
Consent: Patients and Doctors ‘Consent’ Making Decisions Together, General Medical Council (2008)   'Consent'
0-18 Years: Guidance for all Doctors ‘0-18 years’, General Medical Council (2007)  '0-18 years'
Taking and Using Visual and ‘Recordings’ Audio Images of Patients, British Medical Association (2007)   'Recordings'
Reference Guide to Consent for ‘DoH’ Examination or Treatment, Department of Health (2001)  'DoH'
Medical Treatment for Adults ‘Scotland’ with Incapacity: Guidance on Medico-legal Issues in Scotland, British Medical Association (2007)  'Scotland'
Consent, Rights and Choices in Health ‘Children’ Care for Children and Young People, British Medical Association (2001)  'Children'
The Impact of the Human Rights Act 1998 on Medical Decision Making, British Medical Association (2007)  ‘HRA’
Assessment of Mental Capacity, British Medical Association and The Law Society (3rd edition due in 2010)  ‘Capacity ’
The Mental Capacity Act – Guidance for Health Professionals, British Medical Association (2007)  ‘MCA’
Advance Decisions and Proxy Decision Making in Medical Treatment and Research  ‘Advance decisions’
British Medical Association (2007) Medical Ethics Today: The BMA’s Handbook of Ethics and Law   ‘MET’
Consent to Treatment, Medical Defence Union (2004)   ‘MDU’
Consent to Treatment, Medical Protection Society (2002)  ‘MPS’
Good Clinical (Research) Practice, International Conference on Harmonisation (1997)  ‘GCP’
Human Tissue Legislation, British Medical Association (2006)   ‘HTL’


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Card 1: Guidance on seeking informed consent