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Contract guidance for GPs in non-standard roles

Increasingly GPs step beyond the conventional boundaries of general practice to forge diverse careers that suit their interests, expertise and skills.

Apart from the standard practice setting, GPs can work for CCGs (clinical commissioning groups), LMCs (local medical committees), universities, training bodies, Trusts, private providers of NHS care, NHS England, and private practices to provide solely private care, to name a few.

It is important for GPs engaging in these roles to be aware of their rights and check that the employment offer and their working arrangements are fit for purpose.


What to look out for in your contracts

We have produced guidance to help ensure that all GPs receive appropriate employment terms and conditions regardless of their employer. However, this cannot replace the expert and confidential advice on individual employment issues that GPs can obtain from experts through their BMA membership.

The guidance includes:

  • A checklist for GPs
  • What you should discuss with your employer before committing to a role
  • How to determine your employment status
  • Considerations to make when agreeing to a contract, such as your agreed hours, annual leave and sick pay
  • A table of entitlements made across difference branch of practice contracts

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