General practitioner Practice manager Contract

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Sessional and locum GP contracts

Essential guidance for sessional GPs regarding contract Terms and Conditions.


Model contracts

Reference model GP contract templates for GMS practice and Primary Care Organisations

Model salaried GP contract - GMS practice (Word)
Model salaried GP contract - GMS practice (PDF)

Model salaried GP contract - Primary Care Organisation (Word)
Model salaried GP contract - Primary Care Organisation (PDF)


Supporting guidance for salaried GPs

Model contract for salaried GPs
This document explains the minimum Terms and Conditions for salaried GPs, guidance on negotiating salaries and appropriate uplifts and explains the process of changing hours of work in light of the extended access DES. Applies in principle to all 4 nations in the UK with some variables in process.

Model contract for a retainer scheme GP (PDF)
Based on minimum Terms and Conditions for salaried GPs employed by a GMS practice or PCO since April 2004 with some enhancements. It should be read in conjunction with the Focus on salaried GPs above.

Sessional GPs and LMCs - working together more effectively (PDF 925K)
Your LMC can assist you with a wide range of employment and contract issues. Read this guidance to overcome some of the barriers to engagement between Local Medical Committees (LMCs) and sessional GPs.

Job planning
Guidance on the job planning process including specific detailed advice for GPs.


Supporting guidance for locum GPs

Locum agreements in General Practice
This guidance is aimed principally at locum GPs to help you put together written agreements with the practices you work with.

Locum chambers FAQs
Read answers to some common FAQs on joining and setting up a locum chambers.

Agency Workers Regulations
These regulations came into force on 1 October 2011, entitling agency workers to equal treatment with directly recruited employees with respect to basic employment conditions.

Negotiating fees for locum services
We have an extensive fees advice section which includes guidance on fees for locum services.