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SAS doctors contract in Scotland

Download the Terms and Conditions of Service and model contracts for Scotland below.

If you have recently moved to the new contract, or are considering moving, these FAQs should answer any queries.


Model contract

Guide to contracting for additional programmed activities for associate specialist and specialty doctors (December 2008) (Word 36K)


Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of service - specialty doctor (Scotland, 2008) (PDF 483K)

Terms and conditions of service - associate specialist (Scotland, 2008) (PDF 446K)



FAQ - speciality and associate specialist doctors (PDF 162K)

FAQ - speciality and associate specialist doctors 2008 contracts (November 2013) 


Supporting contract guidance

SAS Charter - Scotland

Supporting documentation for new specialty doctor and associate specialist 2008 contracts (Scotland)


Contract checking service

Free contract checking service for BMA members (not a BMA member?)

Phone: 0300 123 1233 - 8 .30am to 6.00pm weekdays (not UK-wide bank holidays)

Online enquiry: online enquiry form

Web chat: speak live with a BMA adviser

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