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Staff, Associate Specialist and Specialty contracts

Contract guidance for the nations

Nation specific information including model contracts, terms and conditions and FAQs.

Northern Ireland


Pre-2008 Staff, Associate Specialist and Specialist doctors contract

Pre-2008 contract information including model contracts and terms and conditions


Supporting contract guidance

Introduction of the 2008 contract

SPA time for SAS doctors
Supporting Professional Activities (SPA) time is incorporated into SAS doctors' contracts to provide them with time to undertake a wide range of work outside of their Direct Clinical Care activities.

Progression guidance for SAS doctors
Guidance for progression through the new Specialty Doctor and Associate Specialist grades, particularly progression through Threshold One and Threshold Two with suggestions on how they can be evidenced.

Working on-call guidance for SAS doctors
Guidance about calculating the hours you work, on-call supplement and related issues.

Locum SAS doctors contract information
Contracts, terms and conditions of service, working hours, salary and job planning information if you are working as a locum

SAS doctors and acting up
Information to help SAS doctors consider all of the potential implications of either accepting or refusing a request to act up.


Additional information

Autonomy for SAS grade doctors
Questions and answers on autonomous working, referrals and coding for SAS grade doctors. Watch our video and read real life case studies.

Regrading for SAS doctors
The BMA has helped several staff-grade doctors to become associate specialists and gain back pay after their initial applications were rejected.

SAS charters
Take a look at our SAS charters, developed with NHS employers, that set out what you as a SAS doctor can expect from your employer and what your employer can expect of you.