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Template letters for junior doctors

The new junior doctors' contract

Keep up to date with developments on the new junior doctors' contract in England and how upcoming changes will affect you.

For any specific queries relating to your current contract, please email us

Maybe you haven't received the results of a monitoring exercise, or you are concerned about your employer's policy on the payment of study leave expenses. In many cases problems can be easily resolved with a letter or email to the correct person.

We have put together a number of template letters on issues that junior doctors frequently contact the BMA about.  Please select the nature of your problem below to see if we have a template letter for you.

Template letters Types of issues covered
Pay banding Do you want to obtain the template rota for your post?  Or request the approval to change band form for your post? 
Monitoring Do you want to request the results of monitoring?  Or request monitoring where more than 6 months has passed since the last monitoring?
Education and training Do you need to enquire about available study leave expense budgets?  Do you want to enquire about non-payment of expenses? Or question a trust policy or to question training quality?
Hospital facilities Do you need to request a meeting with your facilities manager regarding mess facilities, on-call rooms or on-site catering facilities?
Work-life balance Do you want to query the accessibility of flexible training or contact medical staffing to request removal of fixed leave from working pattern?