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GP trainee contract and training agreement in Scotland

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) has been the host employer for GP trainees in Scotland for the GP component of their training since August 2011.

With the transfer of the contract to NES, GP trainees receive more comprehensive HR support and have greater clarity of arrangements through a single employer, whilst remaining on the terms of the UK contract,which has been amended solely to take account of the new employer change.

The Scottish GP Training Agreement for training practices and NHS Education for Scotland (NES) clarifies the respective responsibilities of both NES and training practices and ensures that trainers can now focus on their role of providing the right training and educational opportunities for GPs of the future.



The GP Specialty Registrar Contract of Employment for Scotland (Word)

The Scottish GP Training Agreement (Word)

The GP Trainee Pay Circular for Scotland, PCS (GPR) 2011/1 (pdf)