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Junior doctor contract in Northern Ireland

Experiencing rota problems?

BMA Northern Ireland is aware that members are experiencing problems with rotas. Read our blog on absence management. Read the BMA guidance for junior doctors on sick leave and rota gaps

Should you have any further queries on this area, please contact BMA Northern Ireland Industrial Relations team on [email protected] 


Download the current Terms and conditions of service in Northern Ireland for junior doctors.

Contract for GP trainees - a framework for a written contract of employment for GP trainees or GP Specialty Registrars (Word)

See more contractual documents for junior doctors in Northern Ireland


Before you start

Accepting a new post
Read our checklist of what to look out for.

Contract checking service
Our employment law experts will check your contract before you accept it, free of charge, if you are a BMA member.

Do you understand your terms and conditions of service?
A step by step guide through a document which can look bewilderingly complicated.

Additional contracts documents for Northern Ireland
There are a series of documents which can be referenced on this page which make up the contract.

Relocation allowances 
Find out what you are entitled to claim.


Once in post

Are you being paid correctly?
We've helped a number of juniors who had not realised they were not being paid correctly. First stage is to properly understand your payslip.

Your guide to monitoring
Our updated guide includes a section on online monitoring with the Doctors Rostering System and with Zircadian as well as FAQs.

Rotas and working patterns
Guiding principles for the development and implementation of compliant rotas and effective working patterns - includes shift types, rest requirements, a working rota template and Riddell Formula © calculator.

Your guide to banding
Have you ever had the feeling you're not being paid properly for the hours you work? Or that your employer has changed your working pattern without asking you first? Questions answered.

Your guide to rebanding
Read our guide to start the process of rebanding if you feel your role is not correct. 

The Working Time Directive
All you need to know about the WTD - what it means to you, how it protects you and whether you can opt out of it.

Shadowing and induction
Guide for junior doctors covering everything you need to know about student assistantships, shadowing and the induction process.


Useful guides

When should accommodation be provided and how do you know it is up to standard? Use our guidance and toolkit.

Transferring between NHS and university employment during training 
Read our guide if you are going out of programme, to understand the changes to your pay, pensions and terms and conditions. 

Having a problem?
Try using our template letters to contact your employer for common problems like banding, rebanding, facilities and accommodation.