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Accommodation for junior doctors

The new junior doctors' contract

Keep up to date with developments on the new junior doctors' contract in England and how upcoming changes will affect you.

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If you are required to live at your workplace, or you are working overnight as part of an on-call or partial shift system, then your employer is required to provide free accommodation. This does not apply to full-shift working patterns.

Both single and married accommodation may be provided in all cases, although the provision of married accommodation will be subject to its availability.

There is no longer a statutory requirement in the UK for foundation year one doctors (FY1s) to be resident, which in turn means that hospital accommodation no longer needs to be provided without charge to FY1s in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

However, in Wales, accommodation continues to be provided free of charge to FY1s.

Members should login for full information on the provision of accommodation, including:

  • Resident practitioners
  • On-call accommodation
  • Standards of accommodation
  • What to do if you have inadequate accommodation
  • Our accommodation inspection kit
  • Mess facilities for junior doctors

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