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Personal Medical Services (PMS) agreements

As part of the 2013-2014 contract imposition, the Government in England planned far-reaching changes to GP practice funding to reduce the wide variation in funding per patient between practices.

Practices with above average levels of funding as a result of GMS correction factor payments are having their funding reduced over a seven year period starting from April 2014 and practices with historically high PMS payments will generally (though not where different arrangements were previously agreed by practices) have their funding reduced over four to seven years or will be recommissioned to provide defined enhanced services for the extra funding.

Following an NHS England national directive, regional teams in England are currently reviewing local PMS agreements to bring PMS spending in line with GMS contracts.

The initial intention was that these reviews were due to end in March 2016, after which PMS core practice income will gradually be brought in line with GMS practices, however in reality many have been completed and the outcomes are already being implemented in many parts of England.

This guidance provides more information on how the review process works and outlines the process of PMS transition to GMS contracts.

Focus on PMS reviews and transition to GMS (PDF)