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GP partner contracts

Essential guidance for GP partners regarding contract Terms and Conditions.


GMS contract agreement 2018/19

The GPC England and NHS England have reached agreement on GMS contract changes for 2018/19. Full guidance will be provided in due course.

Read the full details on the contract agreement



Contract guidance 2017/18


Focus on GP funding changes

Focus on locum cover for parental and sickness leave

Focus on frailty

Focus on registration of overseas visitors

Indemnity payment briefing note


Quality and outcomes frameworks (QOF)

There will be no substantive changes to QOF requirements for 2017/18 and 2018/19. For details of the current requirements, please see the 2018/19 QOF guidance.

The value of a QOF point has increased by £6.02 (3.6%) from £165.18 in 2016/17 to £171.20 in 2017/18.

Read the latest QOF guidance for 2017-2018


Enhanced Services

Enhanced services are defined as primary medical services other than essential services, additional services or out-of-hours services. NHS England or CCGs commissions these services across England.

Read the enhanced services for 2017-2018


Vaccinations and Immunisations

Minor changes to some V&I programmes have been agreed for 2017/18.

Read the V&I services for 2017-2018


Model GMS and PMS Contracts

Model contract - GMS

General Medical Services (GMS) contract
This contract acts as the basis for arrangements between NHS England and providers of general medical services in England. Download this from NHS England's website.


Model contract - PMS

Personal Medical Services (PMS) agreements
Up to date guidance on PMS reviews and PMS transition to GMS contracts.


GMS contract and PMS agreement – how they compare

As the PMS review process continues, many practices will have their funding reduced over the next few years. The GPC strongly encourages consideration of a return to the nationally negotiated GMS contract.

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Further guidance for GP practices

ACO contract guidance
Find out more about ACO contracts and read our guidance on the legal issues

ACO overview
Read the background to ACOs and their implementation

Friends and family test for GP practices
Read an outline of the requirements for the friends and family test (FFT) which became a contractual requirement from Dec 1 2014.

Contractual issues for GPs (PDF)
Read guidance to help clarify the implications of retirement on practices, practice mergers and advertising and tendering vacancies

Outer boundaries for GP practices
As part of the agreement negotiated between GPC and NHS Employers for 2012/13, changes were made to regulations that came into effect in April 2012 to allow practices to create 'outer boundaries'.

GP seniority payments
Seniority payments are payments to a contractor in respect of an individual GP provider to reward experience. They are based on the GP's number of years of reckonable service.

Health service body status
The GPC receives a number of enquiries about whether practices should opt to become a health service body and how it affects the management of disputes.

Medical performers list for GPs (PDF)
This guidance note is for those applying as an individual medical practitioner to join a performers list, and for those intending to withdraw from a list.

Suspended GP performer (PDF)
This guidance seeks to provide LMCs and GPs with authoritative guidance on the implications for, and actions required by, a suspended GP performer.

Last partner standing (PDF)
'Last partner standing' (commonly referred to as the ‘last man standing’) is a phrase used to explain a situation where, due to either an exodus of partners and/or lack of successor partners being recruited, one partner (or perhaps more) finds themselves shouldering the full extent of the liabilities and obligations owed by the practice.

Handing back a GMS or PMS contract (PDF)
Guidance for practices who may be considering handing back their GMS/PMS contract and winding up their business.