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GP contract Enhanced Services

Enhanced services are defined as primary medical services other than essential services, additional services or out-of-hours services. NHS England or CCGs commission these services across England.

The legislation underpinning these DESs is set out in the DES Directions and the Statement of Financial Entitlements Directions which are published on the website.

Read the technical requirements on the enhanced services that are continuing in 2017-2018.

GMS contract changes 2017-2018 - Technical requirements


Learning disabilities

This ES has been extended for another year and allows practices to offer medicals to patients 14 years or older, and requires practices to produce a health action plan.

As part of the 2017/18 GMS contract agreement payments for learning disabilities health checks have increase from £116 to £140.  NHS England has also developed a voluntary template, which is available for practices to use should they choose to do so, but there is no obligation to use this.


Extended hours

This ES has been extended for another year. Some additional requirements have been added to the scheme.  Guidance on these changes can be found on the GMS contract page.


Discontinued enhanced services

The Avoiding Unplanned Admissions (AUA) DES has been discontinued and the funding recycled into Global Sum.