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Consultant contract in England

There are two distinct employment contracts in England.

Pre-2003 national consultant contract

A small number of consultants appointed before 1 November 2003 retain this contract but it is not on offer to new appointments.

2003 consultant contract

The majority of consultants and all new appointments are employed under this contract. The latest update of the terms and conditions of service was in March 2013.


Model contract

Model contract for consultants in England 2018


Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of service for consultants in England pre-2003 (PDF 459K)

Terms and conditions of service for consultants in England 2003 (NHS Employers)



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Supporting contract guidance

Consultant handbook for England (May 2009) (PDF 427K)

Please be mindful that some aspects of this handbook are now out of date. We will update in due course.


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