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Medical academic contracts in Northern Ireland

Model contract

Model contract - 2004 consultant contract for medical academics (April 2004) (Northern Ireland) 


Terms and conditions

Consultant terms and conditions of service (Northern Ireland)
The terms and conditions of service, associated with the consultant contract, were agreed between NICC, the HSC Employers and the DHSSPSNI in March 2004.  This document forms the basis for the employment of HSC consultants and applies to joint appointment contract holders, subject to the provisions of Schedule 23 of the terms and conditions.


Supporting contract guidance

Joint appointment consultant contract suggested clauses (Northern Ireland) (November 2004)
Agreed clauses that should be incorporated into the substantive contract issued to a joint appointment (normally by the University). These clauses enable parity with the HSC pay arrangements to be achieved.

Joint appointment consultant - principles for applying the consultant contract (Northern Ireland) (November 2004)
A policy document setting out principles for applying the HSC consultant contract to joint appointment consultants in Northern Ireland. The document was agreed between the DHSSPSNI, the NICC, NIMASC, the Universities and Colleges Employers Association and the HSC Employers. This document does not in itself form part of the contract documentation, but its agreed principles have underpinned the development of the contract documentation for joint appointments.


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