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Medical academic contract in England

Model contract

Please note: unless stated, all model contract documents are linked to the Clinical academics page on the NHS Employers website.

Consultant clinical academics

Honorary consultant contract for clinical academics (England, March 2008)

Suggested clauses for consultant clinical academic substantive contract (England, March 2008)


Senior academic GPs

Honorary contract for senior academic general practitioner (England, August 2005)

Substantive contract for senior academic general practitioner (England, August 2005)

NHS England has agreed to recognise the honorary contracts previously issued to senior academic GPs by Primary Care Trusts and Strategic Health Authorities. Information can be found on the website for the National Institute for Health Research.

How these contracts will be managed and access to local clinical excellence awards will be assured for the future are still under discussion. Some senior academic GPs have, therefore found it easier to agree an honorary contract with their local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) or acute trust.


Consultant clinical academics in public health

Honorary public health consultant clinical academic contract (England, July 2013) (Word 56.1K) 

A ‘transition’ contract for those public health academics who previously had an honorary  contract with the NHS has been agreed with Public Health England. A contract for new public health academic consultants and for the long-term is still under discussion.


Terms and conditions 

Schedule 23 of the consultant contract documentation

Terms and conditions - Consultants (England) 2003
The application of terms and conditions of service for NHS consultant clinical academics is covered in Schedule 23.


Supporting contract information

Please note: unless stated, all supporting contract information documents are linked to the Clinical academics page on the NHS Employers website.

Consultant clinical academics

Guidance notes for consultant clinical academics (England, March 2008)

Senior academic GPs

Guidance notes for senior academic general practitioners (England, August 2005)


Additional information

The Follett Review Principles
The Follett Review in 2001 made a number of recommendations regarding the appraisal, disciplinary and reporting arrangements for senior clinical academic staff and provided the context in which the consultant clinical academic and senior academic GPO contracts were agreed. The university and NHS employers of clinical academics should continue to adhere to these principles.

Jointly managed staff - memorandum of understanding
An outline of the employment and joint working arrangements that usually apply in the case of staff engaged in both teaching and or research as well as the delivery of patient care, in England


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