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Procurement guidance

This guidance gives information and advice for GPs (in their role as providers) and Local Medical Committees (LMCs).

It aims to give an overview of procurement policy, including: 

  • The NHS reforms and their impact on the purchasing of NHS services 
  • Procurement law and policy 
  • Procurement processes, including Any Qualified Provider 
  • Arrangements for the commissioning of Local Enhanced Services in the new system 
  • The roles and responsibilities of Monitor and the Cooperation and Competition Panel

The Health and Social Care Act (2012) radically reforms the NHS commissioning system. The reforms are driven by the Government’s commitment to extending patient choice and increasing plurality and competition.

This emphasis impacts on how commissioners choose to purchase services, with EU legislation and Government policy encouraging commissioners to use procurement as a means to ensure competitiveness and plurality.

As a result, GPs may be more likely to be required to enter into tendering processes.



Please note: This guidance is currently being updated in the light of recent legislation and will be available again shortly.