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Stages of an appraisal


A medical appraisal is undertaken annually at a meeting between a doctor and a colleague who is trained as an appraiser.

The doctor is required to collect supporting information that is relevant to their scope and nature of work.

There are three stages in the medical appraisal process:

If more detailed guidance is needed, individuals should contact their appraiser responsible officer. It may also be appropriate to discuss specialty issues with the appropriate college or faculty.



  • 4 weeks before
    Agree a time and place to meet with appraiser. Prepare supporting evidence.
  • 2 weeks before
    Complete documentation and forward to appraiser
  • Appraisal
    Discuss supporting evidence and agree development needs
  • Within 2 weeks
    Complete appraisal forms and submit summary and PDP to Clinical Director and Responsible Officer

The GMC will inform doctors of their revalidation date on two separate occasions. Doctors will also be given notice by the GMC nine months before the due date and be asked to confirm their GMC details. Doctors will then be reminded of this date approximately 3 months beforehand.