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Appraiser selection, training and capacity

The Trust should identify a number of appraisers, across all the relevant senior hospital grades, to manage the appraisal of their doctors. Those selected must be willing to assume the role and have the support of relevant clinical colleagues.

Appraisers should meet the competencies identified by the Revalidation Support Team and undergo appropriate training.

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Clinical Directors will normally provide the names of at least two potential appraisers to each doctor. The doctor should select one and arrange the appraisal. In the event that both appraisers are deemed unacceptable, perhaps due to a conflict of interest, this should be discussed with the Trust lead appraiser or Medical Director.

Appraiser and appraisee pairings will normally vary over the 5 year revalidation cycle.

Sufficient time should be made available in the appraiser's job planning for training, appraising and CPD. Whilst the capacity of an appraiser will depend on the nature of their work, appraisers are typically expected to undertake between 5 - 10 appraisals. This role will be recognised in job planning, with for example at least 0.5 SPAs.

Appraisers must collect and maintain a portfolio of evidence of their practice as an appraiser. An annual review of performance should be undertaken to ensure each appraiser is performing appraisals to the required standard and has the support required to undertake the role. Participating in this review should be a contractual requirement.