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Portfolio development for SAS doctors

This guidance is intended for new Associate Specialists and Specialty Doctors, however those on the old Associate Specialist and Staff Grade contract could also consider developing a portfolio for personal evidence of their work experience.

A portfolio is a file for storing information about your clinical work and your professional development, which is referenced in schedule 15 of the TCS.

It can  be an invaluable tool, for not only threshold progression throughout the new SAS grade and the Specialty Doctor Grades, but also for the rest of your career.

It will also provide the evidence necessary for the GMC revalidation process, which all doctors in the UK now have to undergo to continue to practice medicine.


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What is a portfolio?

Details of the purpose of a portfolio and what you should include in it and tips and practical points to ensure you portfolio is fit for purpose.

A free online portfolio tool (for BMA members)

The BMJ Portfolio tool is a flexible and easy to use online tool that allows you to track CPD and CME points for appraisal and revalidation, store evidence of learning actions, and record past, current and future planned activities.