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Teaching and Learning Innovation


Dr Heidi Phillips

Heidi has worked as a local GP for many years and joined the Graduate Entry Medicine (GEM) program at Swansea University Medical School in 2004, where she quickly developed a passion for medical education.

She undertook a postgraduate diploma in medical education and a Masters of Research.

Over the years, she has held several additional roles including deputy program director, admissions director and director of quality. She played a key role in helping the GEM team and the program achieve General

Medical Council approval in 2014. Her contribution to GEM and the university was recognised in her appointment as Associate Professor in 2018.

Heidi has also led the development of the primary care Academy - an innovative approach to encouraging students to learn and work in rural areas through a primary care lens. Finally, in recognition of her work and expertise, she was appointed in 2018 to the Board of the newly constituted HEIW.


About the award

This award recognises an individual who has developed a successful innovation in teaching or learning during the preceding 12 months.

For this award, each participating institution may submit up to two nominations to the judging panel. Each nominee will be recognised during the awards ceremony.

The judges will make their decision based on a submission that should describe the teaching/learning innovation and any evaluation of it, and how the innovation benefited medical education.

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