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Rising Star


Dr David Hepburn

David has been a Consultant in Intensive Care and Anaesthetics at the Royal Gwent Hospital since 2016 and soon engaged with teaching for undergraduate medical students, postgraduate doctors and allied health professionals.

As the undergraduate lead in ITU (Intensive Therapy Unit), David has overseen the development of an ITU block for 3rd year medical students. He provides several tutorials as part of the taught component of the course and leads discussions on difficult scenarios in a controlled and supportive environment.

In addition to supervising medical students for SSCs in ITU, David has also set up a programme of multidisciplinary in-situ simulation scenarios and developed a simulation programme for emergencies in general practice. Both have been great successes and received universally favourable feedback.

David has made a great contribution to the undergraduate experience in intensive care medicine as demonstrated by the quality of his teaching, scholarship in teaching and provision of student support.


About the award

This award recognises a rising star in the first five years of their academic career who has made a valuable contribution to teaching in an undergraduate or postgraduate setting or other academic endeavour that demonstrates excellent potential for a future academic career.

The submission can be based on excellence in one of four categories:

  • Quality of course design
  • Quality of teaching
  • Scholarship in teaching
  • Student support

The judges will make their decision based on a submission that should describe the quality and extent of the teaching contribution and other academic endeavour.

For this award, each participating institution may submit up to two nominations to the judging panel. Each nominee will be recognised during the awards ceremony.

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