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Dr John Rees

John has worked as a GP in Llandovery for over 30 years and is currently the Admissions lead for the Graduate Entry Medicine programme at Swansea University Medical School. John has undertaken many roles within the school over the years. He initially led on the Community Based Learning aspect of the programme and taught clinical and communications skills, which he did with real skill. He also completed his master’s in medical education. John has been a GP trainer since 1994 and the GP Programme Director for Carmarthen GP ST Scheme since 2002.

A born teacher, his experience in educating post graduate trainees has served him well. This is evidenced by him receiving the Educational Supervisors and Trainers of the year BEST award in 2011.

John became Admissions director in 2012 and alongside Dr Heidi Phillips (The overall Clinical Teacher of the Year Award 2019 winner), has played a huge part in transforming the admissions process at Swansea to select and recruit medical students for GEM. The emphasis has been on recruiting students from Wales who are more likely to stay and work in Wales. This reflects his own background as a rural practice GP.

He builds a rapport with the students that allows them to develop and flourish. Many students, who under normal circumstances may have left the profession, have gone on to become competent qualified doctors in the clinical field. John’s work on promoting resilience in the curriculum has also very recently helped students overcome hurdles and helped them to cope with the daily stresses of medical student life.

John has worked tirelessly to make the reflective aspect of the GEM programme one of the best in the country. He, alongside Clive Weston, has done some inspiring work on working with students on their reflective thought processes recently publishing ‘A Human Touch, a book highlighting some of the excellent pieces of reflective work the students have produced.

John has been commended for his overall contribution to medical education and, in particular, for the innovative approaches he has taken whilst at Swansea, contributing greatly in making Swansea of the top 3 medical schools in the country.


About the award

This award rewards an outstanding contribution to teaching. This may be in a single area or in several different aspects of undergraduate or postgraduate teaching, including developing researchers and other colleagues.

For this award, each participating institution may submit one nomination to the judging panel. Only the winner will be recognised during the awards ceremony.

The judges will make their decision based on a submission that should include a brief summary of the candidate’s roles and achievements, including a description of their qualities as both teacher and leader.

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