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We run webinars throughout the year on a variety of topics, giving you the flexibility to learn from your laptop or desktop. Watch our popular recent webinars on-demand.

Note: Certificates of participation are only distributed when watching webinars live. You are not eligible to receive one when watching past webinars after they have been live broadcast.



Application to specialty

Success in specialty recruitment (ST1) requires career decision-making and focused preparation. You may be clear on the specialty you wish to pursue, or you may still be considering options; you could be planning to commence immediately after FY2 or you may be exploring taking time out in between programmes before you commit.

Whatever your position right now, this webinar introduces you to the process. We explain where to start and how to get hold of useful guidance to help you on your way in order that, whenever you decide to apply, you will have a head start.

This webinar is suitable for doctors who are currently in their foundation years (principally FY2) and anyone currently doing F3 years/time out locuming/abroad.

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Assertiveness in the workplace

For some of us being assertive isn't that easy to do; in fact getting our point across can at times be difficult to achieve, particularly if it isn't our natural instinct to speak up and state our case or our thoughts.

Also how we are perceived can have an impact on our ability to be assertive and we can (without meaning to) go from being non-assertive to almost coming across as being aggressive which of course wasn’t our original intention.

The webinar will aim to highlight:

  • The differences between assertive, non-assertive and aggressive behaviour.
  • We will explore how our emotions impact our ability to be assertive.
  • Looking at models of practice we can start to think about how you structure your responses when dealing with difficult situations.
  • Finally, we will look at how 'saying no' isn't as straightforward as we think it will be and some approaches that you can use for the future.

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Career planning

No matter what stage you are at in your career, it is really healthy to take a step back and think about your career track. For many of us we spend more time planning a forthcoming holiday than we do our career.

This webinar is designed to give you practical tools and reflective techniques to give your career the boost that it needs.

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Cultural communications

Poor communication has been a common cause for complaints against doctors, so, having an understanding of how to communicate effectively will not only benefit patients but also your professional colleague relationships. 

This practical and interactive webinar will unpick common daily interactions to understand where and how we might come unstuck in our ability to both understand and be understood.

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Dealing with conflict

This practical webinar will provide insight into common underlying issues that create conflict situations, and help improve your confidence in managing those tricky conflict situations.

We will explore a variety of different approaches to conflict, evaluate their relative efficacies, and outline important skills that help you defuse tension, and steer a course that delivers positive outcomes for all.

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Dealing with pressure at medical school

Is it possible to maintain your wellbeing amidst the pressures of a medical training?

  • Why do some things stress you more than others?
  • How do some people manage to cope better with negative events or demanding workloads?
  • Can you change the way you respond to pressure? What support is available for trainees going through difficult times?

This webinar will look at ways in which you can stay happy and healthy throughout your medical training. We will highlight the common sources of stress and distress in modern medical training.

More importantly, we will give practical ideas about how you could change your environment, your responses and your thinking to minimise the impact of negative events in the workplace and to increase your wellbeing. 

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Emotional intelligence

This interactive webinar introduces you to the concept of emotional intelligence and the dimensions that it encompasses.

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Interview skills for specialty roles

Exemplary performance at interview comes down to thorough preparation and practice. If you are planning on applying for your next ST1 or ST3/4 training post, you may have already submitted your application form, giving you a head-start in your preparation which you can now build on.

Even if you are not planning on applying immediately, this module will help you not only focus on what you need to have in place for specialty interviews, but equip you with essential skills that are transferable to many medical interview situations.

Whatever your position right now, this webinar gives you an overview of the process and requirements, signposting useful guidance and sharing tips and techniques.

This webinar is aimed at those doctors preparing for ST1 and ST3/4 interviews and covers:

  • Typical interview formats and stations;
  • Understanding what interviewers are looking for
  • Maximising your performance on the day; and
  • How you can prepare effectively

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Interview skills for ST1 applications

Interview success comes from thorough planning, preparation and a great performance on the day. Setting aside time - to research the process, seek out the right guidance and practise delivering winning answers - is time well spent.

This webinar outlines the interview timelines for the specialty recruitment process at ST1, signposts key documentation and works through some of the common interview stations and questions that you must be ready for.

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Introduction to self management

A healthy doctor is a safer doctor - can you honestly say that you manage your own wellbeing as well as that of your patients? The job of a doctor can be mentally and physically demanding and, so that you can provide the best service to your patients, it is important to actively manage your response to pressure.

This webinar introduces you to a number of approaches that are covered in more depth in our Practical skills for…self-management masterclass, including actively managing your stress and building your, and your team’s, resilience.

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Maintaining your employability

To succeed in any career, you need more than good qualifications and technical skills, and medical careers are no different. As the world of work changes and career opportunities and pathways become increasingly diverse and fluid, it is more important than ever to take charge of your own career development. Taking control requires, not just clinical expertise, but also those qualities that enable you to gain and sustain employment – your “employability”.

By the end of this webinar, you will

  • Have a deeper understanding of employability and its immediate relevance to you;
  • Be able to identify both your employability resources and gaps in order that you can develop and improve; and
  • Take your learning forward to further enhance your employability skills by seizing forthcoming opportunities.

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Managing others through change

The reasons for change in your organisation will be complex. Not only will you manage and implement macro-change on a National level in the NHS but there are micro-changes that will take place in Primary and Secondary care that will impact you and the people that you work with.

Whether you are at the start of implementing change or mid-way through, you’ll gain tips and insight that you can use both now and in the future.

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Negotiating and influencing

In your day to day working lives you will encounter a number of instances where you need to negotiate with others, whether that be with patients, doctors or other healthcare professionals.

This 1 hour free webinar is designed to help you to think about how you negotiate in clinical situations and highlight new approaches that you can use and embed into your work setting.

Within this webinar we will include top tips on how to influence with impact.

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Personal and team resilience

At this busy time of the year, when we are concentrating on our patients, their families and others' needs, we rarely have the opportunity to take a step back and think about ourselves.

This webinar will concentrate on individual and team resilience. We will look at what resilience means and why it is important to your well-being and learn more about the five fundamentals of building resilience. We will also think about applying some techniques that are designed to help improve your well-being.

As a BMA member you can participate in these webinars for free, as well as gain access to a whole range of benefits designed to support you throughout your career.

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Preparing effectively for your SJT

This webinar is designed to get you thinking about how you can get yourself into the right mind-set to plan and prepare effectively for the SJT.

We will bring together the key resources and materials that can help you to engage effectively with each of the questions and to understand some of the common pitfalls and top tips from previous clinicians who have sat the SJT.

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Time management

Do you find there aren't enough hours in your day to successfully manage your clinical and non-clinical priorities? Are you overburdened with work because you can't say 'no'?

Within this introductory webinar you will gain an awareness of a wide range of practical time management tools and techniques to help you become effective in the workplace.

You will learn how and when to say no, how to prioritise effectively and most importantly, how to sustain these improvements over time and manage your time more intelligently.

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Preventing bullying and harassment

Learn how to identify if behaviour is bullying or harassment and how to help cultivate an environment where everyone feels equally respected and able to work to the best of their ability.

By the end of this webinar, you will have:

  • A greater understanding of how to identify bullying or harassment
  • What to do if you experience or witness this type of behaviour
  • How to cultivate a positive working environment

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Work, stress and positivity

In this session, we’ll get to understand more about stress from an individual perspective and how to positively harness good stress. We’ll also share insights into how to strengthen your ability to handle workload pressure and the support that is available to you within the BMA.

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Our webinars provide learning and development support for doctors in all stages of their career, and are free for members.

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