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With hospital working environments becoming increasingly pressured, are you finding it difficult to manage your workload and your time?

Do you wonder if you’re leading your team effectively, or perhaps you’re curious about what kind of a leader you will be?

Have you come away from a conversation and thought ‘I didn’t quite get my point across’, or ‘I didn’t understand any of that’?

Our one-day non-clinical masterclasses cover 4 topic areas and can provide some answers. They complement your medical training and demonstrate practical skills to become successful in areas you might find challenging.


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Practical skills for... leadership and management for doctors 

Thursday 22 November, London
Thursday 4 April, Birmingham
Wednesday 19 June, London

This popular masterclass will look at both practical tips and tools which you can apply immediately to enable you to better plan, organise and prioritise your time, as well as exploring those behavioural changes that will help you feel more confident in delegating, communicating assertively with both colleagues and patients, negotiating and influencing. 

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Practical skills for... self management

Wednesday 5 December, London

Do you feel as though you need more effective strategies to manage your stress at work? This masterclass arms you with techniques to help you recover and reboot, so you can enjoy a healthier working life.

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Practical skills... time management and taking control

Tuesday 5 March, London
Wednesday 15 May, Bristol

This masterclass equips you with practical tips and tools to better plan, organise and prioritise your time. Helping you feel more confident in delegating and communicating assertively, with both colleagues and patients, are just some of the behavioural changes this masterclass will explore.

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Practical skills...for effective communication

Wednesday 30 January, Glasgow

Communication is central to your work. Done well, it can improve efficiency, reduce medical errors, improve patient satisfaction and contribute to your wellbeing and working relationships.

Gain a greater understanding of your own communication style and where you can improve. Learn how to give and receive effective feedback, as well as develop your skills in presenting, building professional relationships and more.

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