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Supervision levels for GP trainees

The GP trainer is responsible for the actions of his or her GP Specialty Registrar (GPStR) in all aspects of their work.

Where we describe supervision by the trainer, this can be the nominated trainer, another trainer in the practice or any appropriate partner in the practice. In the out-of-hours (OOH) setting, a trained clinical supervisor from the OOHs provider may provide supervision.

We also recognise that the GPStR will also be required to spend time with other healthcare professionals in order to understand fully the nature the team-based context of primary care. If the trainer is not personally providing supervision for a given session, he or she must ensure that the supervision is adequate, and that the GPStR knows who is supervising.

GPStRs must not work unsupervised in any circumstances, and should not be asked to undertake work which they feel unprepared to perform.

The following are recommended minimum levels of supervision and support, to be offered by an appropriate and qualified trainer to a GPStR at the following stages of training:


Months 1 and 2

In the training practice setting and following a structured induction, the GPStR will begin clinical contact by observation of the trainer, followed by observation by the trainer and occasionally assisting the trainer in the practice and on home visits.


Months 3 to 4

From three months onwards, practice-based supervision will be tailored to the needs of the GPStR. The GPStR should be able to undertake day-time home visits alone, but always with easy access to support as required and to also work alongside experienced trainer on OOHs visits or at an emergency centre.


Months 7 to 18

GPStR may work unaccompanied on visits or in an emergency centre, but must be supervised and supported at all times by a named responsible trainer or a trained clinical supervisor for the entire shift duration, with the option to attend in person if needed or requested.