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Sci59 medical specialty psychometric test

Queens Uni Belfast medical students 04-11-16

Sci59 is an online psychometric test that can help you choose a medical specialty by determining your aptitude for different medical careers.

In association with CenMedic, all BMA members receive free access to Sci59.


How to use Sci59

BMA members can login with their BMA membership number to access the test.

Login to access Sci59

Subject to availability, you will be allowed to complete up to five questionnaires. Each questionnaire takes around 25 minutes to complete and feedback is almost instantaneous. Remember, the results act as a guide for your consideration - they are not a replacement of formal career guidance.

As Sci59 is online, you have the advantage of being able to start and stop a questionnaire at any place or time. The program will always take you back to the point at which you had previously logged off.

Please note, Sci59 matches the skills and attributes needed for the normal end point in your career development and not the next training position.

If you have any problems with the test, please email the BMA's learning and development team.


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