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Deaneries and LETBs

What are the core functions of LETBs?

There are now 4 LETBs (Local Education Training Boards) and each one has a (DEQ) Director of Education and Quality who is responsible for the effective quality management of education and training programmes commissioned or provided by the LETB. In addition, there are 13 postgraduate deans (based on previous smaller LETB areas) with responsibility for medical postgraduate education and training. In some areas, the post of DEQ and postgraduate dean can be held by the same person.

The core functions of LETBs include:

  • Ensuring the security of supply of the local health and care workforce providing NHS funded services and supporting national workforce priorities;
  • Workforce planning and identifying local priorities for education and training;
  • Holding and allocating funding for the provision of education and training;
  • Commissioning education and training on behalf of member organisations, securing quality and value from education and training providers in accordance with the requirements of professional regulators and Education Outcomes Framework;
  • Securing effective partnerships with clinicians, local authorities, health and well-being boards, universities and other providers of education and research and providing a forum for developing the whole healthcare workforce.

As previously, for practical information to assist you with your training and working within foundation, StR and SpR grades, you should always contact your Deanery or LETB.

LETBs are responsible for educating and training doctors, dentists, nurses and all healthcare professionals at a local level. LETB boards, which are committees of Health Education England (HEE) are made up of representatives from local providers of NHS services.

If you need further support or advice on how to approach an issue with your postgraduate dean, contact a BMA Adviser on 0300 123 123 3 or use our enquiry form.


Find your Deanery or Local Education and Training Board (LETB)

BMA Deaneries and LETB's map 


NHS Education for Scotland

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There are now 4 LETBs (Local Education Training Boards) in England.

London and the South East

Midlands and East