BMA report

Saving general practice report

The BMA’s case to save the general practice crisis - we lay out the areas that need to be addressed, such as workforce strategy, underfunding and workload pressures.

Location: England
Audience: GPs Practice managers
Updated: Tuesday 8 September 2020
Topics: NHS delivery and workforce, GP practices
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General practice is flexible and adaptable and has always risen to meet new challenges including increasing demand, and keeping up with a steady stream of ever evolving regulations and management system changes.

However, it has had to do this against the backdrop of a decade of underfunding and a failure by Government to address the urgent challenges facing primary and community care services.


What you'll get from this report

  • The BMA's case to save general practice from the crisis it is in.
  • The six key areas that are impacting general practice most and the data around them.
  • The specific actions that Government and authorities need to take to improve these key areas.


Our key asks

  • Recurrent and sustainable funding and resources to secure a minimum spend of 11% of the total NHS budget invested in general practice; a funding deficit that is currently estimated at £3.7bn.
  • A workforce strategy that is recurrently funded to enable an expansion of a collaborative multi disciplinary general practice and community workforce working both in practices and within localities.
  • A sustainable, long-term indemnity package for general practice that covers all GPs on the national performers list and all staff providing NHS general practice services both in and out of hours.
  • Enabling practices to manage their workload in order to deliver safe services and empower patients and carers as partners in care.
  • The retention of a national core contract for general practice that provides a high-quality service for patients.
  • Premises, IT infrastructure and administrative support to enable the delivery of quality care.
  • The case for change
  • Funding
  • Workforce strategy
  • Indemnity
  • Practice workload
  • National core contract
  • Premises and IT infrastructure