NHS delivery and workforce

We urge doctors to find out more about how changes to the NHS may impact the ways in which you work, and what the BMA is doing to influence those changes.

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BMA COVID-19 reports

Our policy, demands and recommendations to NHS organisations, institutions and the Government to help protect doctors, the NHS and the public during the pandemic.

View our COVID-19 reports


Medical associate professions briefing

This briefing covers the increasing presence of MAPs (medical associate professions) in the NHS, their regulation, prescribing rights and the BMA’s view on the these developments.

New clinical roles in the NHS

A broad guide to some of the newer clinical roles that have been introduced to the NHS as part of new models of service delivery or to ease workload pressures.

Enhancing junior doctors' working lives

We highlight the improvements being made in Health Education England's Enhancing Junior Doctors' Working Lives progress report.

Mental health workforce report

Our report shows the declining state of the mental health workforce, the workforce's wellbeing and data on workforce numbers.

Disability in the medical profession

Our report outlines steps needed to improve support for doctors and medical students with disabilities and long-term health conditions.

Challenging the culture on menopause for working doctors report

We surveyed our members to understand specific challenges for doctors working through the menopause. This report looks at the experiences of doctors and areas of action which could support doctors during this time.

BMA commentary on the NHS People Plan 2020/21

We summarise the commitments made in the NHS People Plan with a focus on those most relevant to BMA members. We also give commentary and analysis on each section of the plan.

Consultant workforce shortages

Our reports look into the issues facing the consultant workforce and what actions need to be taken by UK governments and employers, now and in the future, to ensure consultants are retained in the NHS.

Medical staffing in England report

We show how severe medical shortages in England have become, current workforce data trends analysis and how the Government can combat the widening gap between medical staff supply and increasing patient need.


Vital actions to minimise pressure on the NHS this winter

What is set to be the worst winter on record will increase strain on an already exhausted NHS. Our 'Weathering the storm' report calls on governments and health leaders to take urgent action now.

Pressure points in the NHS

Analysis of monthly data releases by NHS England to highlight the huge pressures being placed on an over-burdened healthcare system.

Pressures in general practice

We monitor data on GP workforce, working patterns and appointment numbers to help build a picture of the level of strain GP practices in England are under.

Creating a healthy workplace

Moral distress in the NHS and other organisations

Read our briefing and survey summary on moral distress in doctors that has been compounded by COVID - and how not being able to provide sufficient quality of care can have a negative impact on healthcare staff.

Fatigue and sleep deprivation

Find out about the BMA Fatigue and Facilities charter, the impact of fatigue on doctors and patients, and the factors increasing the risk of fatigue. You can also read guidance aimed at doctors and other clinical staff on how to manage the risks associated with fatigue.

Supporting health and wellbeing at work report

A report looking into doctors' experiences with occupational support services. Focusing on the issues that doctors face and challenges confronting the wider NHS workforce.

Domestic abuse in the health profession report

Doctors may experience domestic abuse themselves - our report looks at why this is a workplace issue, support that should be provided, and barriers to doctors accessing support.

Preventing and reducing violence towards staff

NHS staff should be protected and assault should never be considered part of the job. We look at how trusts should be working to reduce and prevent violence from patients.

Mental health of doctors and medical students

Improving the mental wellbeing of doctors and medical students

Read about our work to improve the mental health of the profession, including during and beyond coronavirus, new research and our wellbeing charter.

The ageing workforce

Supporting an ageing medical workforce

A report into the unique pressures facing older doctors to identify how best the NHS can support its ageing workforce.

Working in the peri-retirement period: possible changes to working practices

We outline how employers can retain consultants in peri-retirement, what to take into account when considering retirement and returning to the NHS, what you can earn and contractual arrangements.


Integrated care systems (ICSs)

We delve into integrate care systems, the impact they have on doctors and what you can do locally to help shape them.

The Health and Care Bill

The Government has published a Health and Care Bill which proposes health reforms in England. We explain what it means for ICSs and commissioning in the NHS and why the BMA believes it is the wrong bill at the wrong time.

Integrated care provider contracts (ICPs)

What ICPs are, contracts, what the BMA thinks of ICPs and their impact on GPs.

Medical engagement - doctors' contributions to change

Engagement with medical, clinical and wider staff within the NHS is poor. Read our report and recommendations on improving engagement.


Personal health budgets

This guidance supports doctors working in all parts of health and social care to understand the implications of PHBs (personal health budgets) for their own practice.

CCG constitutions

This guidance details the important implications of CCG constitutions for GPs and practices and provides practical advice.

Privatisation of the NHS

This is our latest report on privatisation, the use of private healthcare companies and independent sector provision in the NHS in England.

Primary and secondary care

NHS e-referral service for secondary care doctors

Read our considerations for doctors in secondary care to take into account when implementing e-RS.

Primary and secondary care working together

The BMA is working with NHS England and other organisations to help improve the interface between primary and secondary care.

Acting upon electronic test results

Explaining doctors' clinical responsibility when you or others are acting upon test results, including receiving results from other clinicians, hospital teams and patient generated data.

The future

Caring, supportive, collaborative: a future vision for the NHS

The BMA project to open an honest conversation with our profession about the sort of NHS doctors want to work in. See our manifesto and work coming out of the project such as reports, surveys and events.

The role of the doctor in the future

A BMA project looking at how the doctor's role is evolving and the future of doctors, including report and video of discussions.​

Analysis of the NHS Long Term Plan

This briefing for members provides a summary of the announcements in the long-term plan and what they may mean for doctors.


Autumn budget and spending review 2021: what you need to know

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced the Autumn budget and spending review to Parliament on 27 October. Our briefing covers the need to know aspects for doctors, the NHS, social care and public health and our analysis.

Models for paying providers of NHS services

To help you understand the different ways in which providers can be paid for seeing and treating patients, including block contracts, capitation, the national tariff and payment for performance.

Investment in general practice

Details of the investment in general practice, comparison to previous years and how it matches to the BMA's target of a minimum of 11% of the NHS budget.

Social care

Social care in Scotland

We look at the structure of social care in Scotland, who it's for, how it's funded, issues, pressures on the workforce and the BMA's view.

Social care in Wales

We look at the structure of social care in Wales, who it's for, how it's funded, issues, pressures on the workforce and the BMA's view.

Social care in Northern Ireland

We look at the structure of social care in Northern Ireland, who it's for, how it's funded, issues, pressures on the workforce and the BMA's view.

Social care in England

We outline our calls to action for social care in England, including the need for increased funding, to make social care free for all and investment in the workforce.


NHS technology, infrastructure and data report

Our vision and recommendations for improving IT infrastructure in the NHS.