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COVID-19: your wellbeing

This guidance aims to help doctors and medical students working under extraordinary and challenging circumstances to look after their own health and wellbeing.

Location: UK
Audience: All doctors
Updated: Wednesday 9 June 2021
Topics: COVID 19, Your wellbeing

As you strive to deliver the best possible care for your patients, it is crucial that you look after your own mental and physical wellbeing.

You may find strategies that worked for you previously provide the best approach for you. Whatever your circumstances, we have identified some information and ideas that can support you to cope and be your best personal and professional self.

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Your wellbeing

We have a range of services to support you.

  • Counselling
  • Peer support
  • UK wellbeing support directory

Call our free and confidential helpline on 0330 123 1245

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