COVID-19: your terms and conditions

Your terms and conditions: SAS doctors in England and Wales

Updated: Friday 10 July 2020
Topics: COVID 19
BMA and NHS Employers joint statement for SAS doctors in England


We're committed to ensuring that temporary working arrangements are only in place during the fight against coronavirus.


Read the joint statement and our guidance on it

SAS doctors – staff grades, specialty doctors and associate specialists – are experienced clinicians working in secondary care.

In many cases, the contractual issues you are likely to face will be the same as those experienced by your consultant colleagues. Read our guidance for consultants on contractual issues arising from the response to COVID-19. It covers questions on:

  • working on bank holidays and TOIL
  • the value of SPA (supporting professional activities) time in responding to the crisis
  • cancellation of SPA time/activity
  • how to adapt to COVID-19 in terms of training and practice
  • changes to working patterns
  • providing cover for absent colleagues
  • providing cover for junior colleagues (‘acting down’).


What if I am asked to provide cover for a senior colleague (‘act up’)?

You should only act within your existing competencies. If you are working at different levels, you should be paid appropriately.

Acting up can be a positive opportunity for professional career development. However, while acting up, you should still expect to be appropriately remunerated in line with the level of work you are delivering.

This will either be through the payment of an acting up allowance (as for associate specialists) or through a specific agreement to ensure appropriate levels pay. Read the our guidance for SAS doctors acting up.

Need help? For 24/7 emergency COVID advice please call us. For all other non-emergency enquiries normal opening times apply.