BMA guidance

COVID-19: civil medical practitioners taking on additional work

This guidance is a temporary policy which sets out the measures which have been put in place for CMPS (civil medical practitioners) to take on additional work, to support the NHS and defence medical services during the pandemic.
Location: UK
Audience: GPs
Updated: Tuesday 12 May 2020
Topics: COVID 19

What you will get from this guidance

An overview of:

  • CMPs being asked to volunteer to work flexible hours, overtime or join the medical facilities on-call rota
  • how work to this regard will remain in line with the European Working Time Directive (unless you choose to exercise your right to opt out)
  • payment for additional work will be based on pre-existing rates
  • if required to travel to a different location for work (ie not your usual place of work), you will be reimbursed for the additional mileage. If you are required to purchase business insurance, this will also be claimable as an expense
  • any changes to your working pattern must be agreed in writing with your line manager.


How to use this guide

This is a temporary policy, which we have developed with the Ministry of Defence, which will facilitate CMPs being able to quickly support the national effort.

Please note that we have tried to simplify this temporary policy by utilising existing frameworks within the Civil Service so that there is clarity over what you should expect and a workable system already in place.



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