COVID-19: BMA in the news

Read a recent selection of our most current media coverage in response to the BMA's work protecting doctors during the COVID-19 crisis.

Interview with Sky News on 31 July 2020

BMA chair Chaand Nagpaul interviews with Sky News - 31 July 2020
BMA council chair, Chaand Nagpaul speaks to Sky News

Even before Covid-19, NHS workers struggled to cope with acute staff shortages, long hours and real-terms decreases in income. Inevitably, the pandemic has exacerbated the effects of these entrenched problems while presenting additional pressures – not least the risks to personal safety and substantially increased working hours that many doctors have faced. Sadly many doctors have also died. Doctors should never feel obliged to conceal mental health issues or to attend work when unwell. Doctors often feel guilty when off work due to illness and this has to change. To tackle the stigma that still remains, employers must build a more supportive culture for the workforce and normalise conversations about mental health.

Dr David Wrigley, BMA council deputy chair, speaking to the Sunday Telegraph

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