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COVID-19: phase three of the response

The NHS in England has now officially entered phase three of its response to Covid-19. This briefing provides an overview of what this new phase means in practice.

Location: England
Audience: All doctors
Updated: Friday 21 August 2020
Topics: COVID 19

What you'll get from this paper

  • An update on how NHS England plans to adapt its response to Covid-19 and what this may mean for doctors and their working lives.
  • Details phase three of NHS England’s response to Covid-19, from the initial announcement to NHSE/I’s more detailed guidance.
  • Highlights where BMA lobbying has made a difference.


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  • Introduction: why phase three and when
  • The changes: at a glance
  • Targets and goals: new and old
  • Restoring cancer services
  • Maximising elective activity
  • Primary and community care
  • Mental health services
  • Preparing for winter and/or a second wave
  • Learning lessons from Covid-19
  • Health inequalities and prevention
  • Recovery and health and care systems
  • Conclusion