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COVID-19: childcare for doctors in England

Our briefing outlines the issues doctors in England face in finding childcare provision. Read our key asks.
Location: England
Audience: All doctors Patients and public
Updated: Wednesday 15 July 2020
Topics: COVID 19

What you will get from this report

  • An understanding of what has happened to childcare provision during the COVID outbreak, and why so many providers have closed.
  • The challenges for doctors with young children in managing current work demands and childcare.
  • What will happen if more support is not made available to the early years sector and doctors are not better supported to find and pay for the additional childcare they need during the outbreak.


Our key asks

  • Additional financial and logistical support for nurseries and childcare providers to prevent permanent closures
  • Local authorities – collaborate with local NHS bodies and childcare providers to secure sufficient provision for NHS staff
  • Employers – consistency across local policy arrangements so that carers’ leave is fully paid during the outbreak
  • Reimburse additional childcare costs incurred by doctors and medical students working during the outbreak.


  • Summary
  • Four key asks on childcare for doctors
  • Government policy and guidance on childcare during COVID-19
  • Key challenges faced by doctors
  • Increased costs of childcare
  • Support for the early-years and childcare sector
  • UK childcare costs: unsustainable by international comparison
  • Childcare and gender equality