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COVID-19: BMA expectations of medical schools

A set of principles for medical schools to ensure that students are enabled to complete their studies and their achievements to be reliably assessed.
Location: UK
Audience: Medical students Medical academics
Updated: Wednesday 15 July 2020
Topics: COVID 19

Teaching and assessment in medical schools will be affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic.

We recognise the huge efforts made by medical schools and their staff to respond to these unprecedented circumstances. We hope that the principles in this document can aid in measuring and assessing what has already been done and help to indicate what more might need to be done to assist medical students at this time.

No student should be disproportionately or negatively impacted by the new arrangements and the set of expectations we developed would allow for robust reassurance that processes will remain fair for all.


What you'll get from this statement

  • Recommendations from us to medical schools to get the best results for medical students.
  • How students should be taught and assessed.
  • A set of principles to ensure no group of students is at a disadvantage.
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  • Broad principles
  • Examinations and clinical placements
  • Progression
  • Online learning
  • Differential attainment
  • Reasonable adjustments and mitigating circumstances
  • Inclusivity